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New Squeeze

“Powerful & energetic – The Complication is a rare breed with a dynamic female lead guitarist/vocalist!”
– Gary McDowell, Tootsie’s Nashville

“Original rock music fronted by powerhouse vocalist and guitarist Annie B!” -The Back Alley Gallery, Oklahoma City


The Complication is all about female empowerment, and a must-have for your female alt-rock collection.  After 3 U.S. tours for the band, music critics and fans alike compare their music to Joan Jett, Heart, Ani DiFranco, and Alanis Morissette, while maintaining a unique sound that’s really ALL THEIR OWN. According to Dan Laske of the Southeast Wisconsin Arts Guild, their recent album “‘Fancies of a Random Heart’ is a great showcase for Annie B’s powerful, edgy, yet endearing vocal style.”

The passion in The Complication’s vocals will captivate you with the stories they tell, as well as through the powerful, heartfelt delivery.  “One of the most passionate musicians I have ever worked with, Annie B is a fiery asset to our Wisconsin music scene.” – Zoy Begos, Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) President

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